We are always looking for volunteers, donors, and sponsors here at the Montana Melin Foundation. Help us spread our mission and build a better community through giving



We are always looking for volunteers, donors, and sponsors here at the Montana Melin Foundation. Help us spread our mission and build a better community through giving. Here are ways you can help:

Montana Melin Foundation (MMF) Committee Participation
If you are willing to commit your time and efforts in helping shape the impacts of the foundation, consider donating your time and ideas. Through your work and dedication we can plan different activities to benefit families of Down Syndrome children that have medical hardships.

Fundraising Hosting

How about hosting one of our fundraising events? Hosting an event is a great way for us to raise financial donations and bring awareness to the general public. Our events are fun and educational for the entire family. Call us now to host our next fundraising event at 920-858-6244.

Make A Donation

The success of our non-profit organization depends on the generous financial support from our donors and/or sponsors. The funds are used to operate and assist families of Down Syndrome children that have a medical hardship. We are the light that shines at a time when darkness seems to overwhelm a family. Children do not comprehend the bills that pile up and the silent cries of parents at night when no one is watching. But we do. Make a financial donation, no matter how small, and become the light in the life of a child with Down Syndrome.

Sponsor An Event

Another great way to help is by sponsoring an event. You could help by renting a location for a fundraising event or buying refreshments for an event. Become a sponsor and help alleviate some operating costs for our events.

Become a Support Partner
Partner with the Montana Melin Foundation to share resources, efforts, and ideas to reach a wider audience. Together we can support one another to build a better community!

Spread The Word

Lastly you can simply help by being a champion messenger for the Montana Melin Foundation. Use our Share buttons to share this website with your friends, family, and acquaintances through social media, word of mouth, or workplace.


The Montana Melin Foundation was established to provide financial assistance to the families of Down Syndrome children that are facing medical hardships. When our precious little Montana went through open heart surgery at such a young age; we made a commitment to help change the lives of families who could potentially experience similar situations. We believe that any little gesture of help can bring happiness to a family no matter the circumstance. If your family is in need of assistance; please reach out to us by filling out our online application or calling us simply for emotional support. We are help to help and hope that someday you too will in turn help another family through our foundation. We can often help with the following:
• Hotel & Lodging
• Fuel Costs
• Groceries & Meals
• Transportation
• Medical Equipment
• Emotional Support

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If your family is needing assistance, please fill out an application. Once received, the application would be reviewed to see how The Montana Melin Foundation can assist you!

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