Meet our Montana Families. Through the generous financial support of our donors and sponsors; the Montana Melin Foundation is able to provide much needed care and assistance to families; we call them our Montana Families – families whose lives were positively affected by the foundation.


The Birschbach Montana Family

“A huge “Thank You!” to the Montana Melin Foundation for the monetary gift, which helped pay for a fence to enclose part of our backyard last fall. Our three children with Down syndrome LOVE to be outside, but they cannot be kept safe for longer periods of time because they tend to wander (run) to unsafe parts of our yard like the garage and pool area. Now, I have the ability to let them play outside as much as they want, and they can still be safe! I’m looking forward to this summer, so we can all enjoy a season of being outside together. Thank you again!”

Jill Birschbach

Birschbach-Family-group picture

The Hailey Montana Family

The Melin Foundation has helped us by providing speech therapy coverage for Parker. Parker receives weekly speech therapy to help him learn how to speak, remember words, and communicate. His co-pays are paid for by the Melin Foundation. This has allowed Parker to continue to receive the therapy he needs. He now says, “moo, duck, arrf (dog), dad, drink, Tuck (little brother)” and many more sounds. He can also sing parts of songs, such as, “all through town” from the Wheels on the Bus. His therapist is amazing and we are blessed to have her. The Melin Foundation is a blessing to us and will forever impact Parker’s life.

Hailey Selch


The Williams Montana Family

In late 2015, my family ended up in a bit of a financial crisis with therapy bills. My son was seeing a speech therapist weekly and a physical therapist and occupational therapist bi-weekly. My insurance stopped covering his therapy sessions mid-year, but we were enrolled in an early intervention entitlement program which was designed to help cover the cost of therapy services for qualified children ages 0-3. My son didn’t turn three until December so we thought we would be covered. The entitlement program refused to cover my son’s therapy services because my insurance had a cap. We were in shock and didn’t know where to turn. We had continued therapy services for several months after my insurance stopped coverage, not knowing the entitlement program would refuse coverage, and we were facing thousands of dollars in therapy expenses. We reached out to the Montana Melin Foundation for assistance with our son’s speech therapy bills. To our surprise, we received a call immediately and they were more than willing to help us! They were caring and understanding and passionate about helping others in need. We are very thankful for their generosity and compassion and I don’t know where we would be without them.
Thank you Montana Melin Foundation!


2015 Families

  • Assisted the Jorgensen family with equestrian therapy do to their Birth to 3 had ended.
    Comment from the family:
    I can’t describe the excitement she had going last night . She put on her Helmet and belt walked into stairs and was ready to ride. He side walker Jerry was really happy to see her. Jerry told everyone “this is my sweetie”. Heather Jorgensen
  • Assisted the Wilke family with the purchase of a new car seat.
  • Assisted the Matheson family with a hotel stay when the Ronald McDonald house was full and their son had to have open heart surgery.

2014 Families

  • Helped the Wilke Family with their hotel stay in Milwaukee from July 28th to August 16th. We also assisted them with gas cards, care package of snacks and presents for the girls.
    From the Wilke Family:
    Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. the Montana Melin foundation was gracious enough to pay for our hotel stay while our daughter Adeline was having open heart surgery this past August 2014. If it wasn’t for the solitude of the room and having a place to decompress every day I couldn’t imagine how our 2 week stay would have gone. It was a blessing and are so grateful for the opportunity. Amy Wilke
  • Assisted the Hendrich Family with a monetary donation so they can make improvements to their home so Adalynne can move around their home easier.
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